Miami Vice

     Episode 80

Cows of October


Original air date: 02/05/1988

Principal filming for this episode was conducted from 11/06/1987 thru 11/16/1987

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The episode starts out with the Vice crew staked out an an airfield waiting for a drug bust. After the shipment arrives someone stampedes a herd of cattle off the taxiway into the drug deal. This was filmed on location at Miami International Airport. In the NW corner of the airport, inside the grounds of the USDA-Animal Import Center.

View point/direction of elevated camera.

Cowboy Bob’s (Teal) truck

Cars are seen entering thru this gate

Then we see the standard season 4 opening montage.

Act 1 opens inside the police lab. This may have been filmed on location at the USDA Animal Import Center where the teaser was filmed but I have not confirmed this yet. Filming location unsure.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of the OCB filmed at Gold Coast Shipping. It has been a while (season 3’s  Heroes of The Revolution) since we have seen the exterior. This is the first time we have seen it in season 4 and it is re-used footage from episode 45, When Irish Eyes Are Crying. It has previously been re-used in Cuba Libre and is the 23rd version of footage of Gold Coast Shipping we see in the series.

Then we go inside, filmed on set inside Stage A of Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Tubbs and Stan getting a lesson in cattle. This was very likely filmed at the USDA Animal Import Center at Miami International Airport but I have not been able to confirm this yet. Location unsure.

They we return to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on studio set.

Then they track down Izzy. He is up to his tricks in a river side park. This was filmed on location at Jose Marti Park in Miami. We have seen this location used in No Exit, Rites of Passage, and French Twist. We have also seen it used for the Burn Notice episodes: Friends Like These, and No Good Deed. The movie, Marley and Me also filmed here.

Then we head out to another sting. This was filmed on location at Nuta’s Boat Yard. Seen previously in Red Tape. 1884 NW North River Drive, Miami. Now Hurricane Cove Marina.

Anderson’s car was parked here.

Shooters escape down this dock


Then we go inside the OCB, filmed on studio set.

Then we see Stan headed northbound on Ocean Drive passing 1052 Ocean. This is re-used footage from The Good Collar.

Then we see Stan and Bob headed east on Watson Island/MacArthur Causeway.

Then it cuts to the inside of Izzy’s place. This was filmed on location at Las Cuevas Del Sacromonte, 1794 NE 4th Avenue. We first saw this location as Izzy’s house in Better Living Through Chemistry.

They walk outside where we see the Omni and The Grand Doubletree in the background.

They leave and we see Agent Anderson arrive inside Las Cuevas Del Sacromonte.

While there, Rojas call. His location is unknown.

Then we go to the buy. This was filmed on location at Central Super Mix, on the south side of the Miami River just west of the famous rail road bridge that Sonny leapt off of to apprehend Tubbs in the Pilot of Miami Vice. We have since seen it in Killshot, and Rites of Passages as they pull the dead hooker out of the river at this same location. As Izzy checks out the Moby Jim we see the railroad bridge in the background.

Then we go to Rojas’ warehouse where Izzy is tied up. Location unknown.

Then we return to the interior of the OCB. Filmed on set within Stage A of Greenwich Studios.

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Drug car parks here

The USDA has since rebuilt the facilities on the same grounds.

View from opposite bank of dock where thugs take off in boat.

P2 80 Cows Of October

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